Sunday, 24 June 2012

Parker 21 Super Octanium Fine Nib

SOLD 0005: Here we have a Parker 21 Super in black with a steel cap SOLD

This pen is a 1960's Canadian made third generation 21.  The colour is black.  All parts are original.  Steel cap shows some slight marks.  Nib is Parker's "octanium", and is a firm, fine writer.  The ink sac is translucent, with some light blue staining, but the inner ribs are visible.  The hoop is loose, and can be pulled out, but there is no risk of the hoop falling out on it's own, and this does not effect filling.  Barrel has some light marks, but no deep scratches, or nicks.  Pen measures 5 5/16 inches capped, and 5 9/16 inches posted.

Price: $30 Canadian PayPal shipped

Please click on the pictures, to open up the full size images.

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