Sunday, 24 June 2012

Parker Duofold Senior Streamlined Flattop Conversion

SOLD 0001: Parker Duofold Senior Streamlined in coral red permanite. SOLD

This pen is unusual, in that it was a Flattop converted by Parker Canada into a Streamlined.  I'll let Ron Zorn explain:

A streamlined Sr. should have a slip fit section. Yours is threaded. I know that pens made in Canada can be different, but I think that this still holds. When Parker introduced the Streamlined pens, they couldn't sell the older flat top pens. So they took the pens back from the dealers, machined the blind cap and inner cap (top) to the streamlined profile, added a clip and sent them back out. BUT, the pen is about 1/4" longer than the streamlined pens should be. I snagged one from David Isaacson and didn't know it until i went to restore the pen and saw the threaded section. Even David didn't pick up on it until I pointed it out to him. I call them "rogue" streamlined Duofolds, but they are kosher. 

This pen measures 5 7/16 inches long capped, and 6 3/4 inches long posted.  Coral red, with two gold filled bands.  Button filler.  The cap has a scratch under the clip near the top of the cap, underneath the inner cap.  The clip is a reproduction clip.  There is a new pressure bar, since the old one was cracked, and a new threaded section.  The old damaged section will be included with this pen.  The imprint is deep, and clear.  The pen has some light scratches, and little storage wear.  The pen is a wet, medium writer.  The top of the left tine is missing a tiny piece of tipping, but it is on the top of the tipping, not the point, or the face of the nib--this does not effect the writing.

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