Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Three Economical Pens

Three pen set 

SOLD 0024: Here we have a set of inexpensive pens SOLD

These three pens are inexpensive pens, with pretty nice nibs.  One is a Waterman clone, the other is an Eclipse Canada made Enduro, and the third is a Waterson's with a replacement 14k gold flex nib.  Then French pen, and Enduro have steel nibs, with folded tips.  Nothing too special about these pens, except the nibs write pretty nice for cheap pens.  The Waterson's is missing the clip, and the pressure bar, but has a new ink sac.  The French clone, and Enduro both have new ink sacs.  This set is being sold for the price of shipping.
Price: $15 Canadian PayPal shipped

Please click on the pictures, to open up the full size images.

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