Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Waterman Commando With 14k Semi-Flex Nib

SOLD Waterman Commando SOLD

0015: Here we have a Canadian made Waterman Commando
This pen is a 1940's Canadian made Waterman's Commando.  The colour is black.  All parts are original.  Cap is celluloid, with a gold filled clip, and two gold filled bands.  Cap shows light, scratches, but no dents, or nicks, and screws on tightly.  Nib is a 14k gold Waterman's #2 Ideal, and is a semi-flexible writer.  The tipping very good.  Barrel has light scratches, but no deep scratches, or nicks.  Imprint on cap is a clear and deep, and the imprint on the barrel is light, but still visible.  Lever is firm, and works correctly.  New ink sac installed.  Pen measures 5 inches capped, and 6 2/16 inches posted.
Price: $40 Canadian PayPal shipped 

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