Sunday, 24 June 2012

Welcome To Paul's Pens!

Hey all.

I just thought I'd use this first post to introduce myself.  I'm Paul Raposo; Fountain Pen Forum member, pen and watch collector, sometime pen servicer, and now seller; bon vivant, and all around super guy!

I spent a lot of years collecting, buying, and selling watches.  I even tried my hand at repairing watches.  But about two years ago I lost interest in them, something I thought would never happen.  After buying a Sheaffer Touchdown Tip-Dip at an antique shop, I became fascinated with fountain pens again:

I decided that I would concentrate on Canadian made pens of any manufacturer.  I passed over some interesting pens, simply because they were not made in Canada, but a few USA made pens slipped in simply because they were too good to pass up.

My first repair was a troublesome Parker Duofold Junior Streamlined Deluxe.  With a huge amount of help from Ron Zorn, and friends at FPN, I manged to make a bad situation good.  The repair bug took hold, and I've serviced the pens, (the pens that needed servicing) that are for sale here myself.

Eventually I found myself being more attracted to Parker pens and seeking them out on eBay, Kijiji, and at antique shops, and flea markets.  Today, Parker makes up the bulk of my collection. As the months went on, I found myself losing interest in Parker and gravitating towards Montblanc. 

After taking a good, long look at  my collection, I've decided that it's time to sell off some items, to both make room for, and finance, a few MB's that I am interested in.

I should have named this blog Paul's Pens, Watches, And Filofaxs, since these are what I collect, and these are what I will be selling.  But since my concentration will be on pens, I went with the short name.

So with that short introduction, I thought I would lay out the terms of my sales:


I've priced most of my pens at what I paid for them.  Some are being sold for more to reflect market value, but most are below market value simply because I'm happy recouping my cost.  Plus I consider the opportunity to practice servicing these pens enough profit.

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and include shipping to Canada and America, and PayPal fees.

I accept PayPal, or Canadian Cash.  All PayPal payments must be in Canadian currency.

For multiple purchases, I will combine shipping.

If you decide to pick the pens up in person, and pay Canadian cash, I will remove $10 from the price of each pen.


I've included $10 Canadian for shipping within Canada, and to America in the listed prices.  Shipping within Canada will be by either Expedited within Ontario, and Quebec, and Standard, or Expedited shipping to the rest of Canada.  All these methods come with a tracking number.  I can also ship by Xpresspost, but it will add $4 to the price.

Shipping to America will be by Canada Post Small Packet Air Mail.  This method takes approximately 10 to 14 business days to arrive, however I have found that it can occasionally be quicker.  It takes Canada Post 2 days to get a packge across the border, so please understand that after those two days, the parcel in in USPS's hands.  Unfortunately this shipping method does not have tracking.  A shipping method with tracking to USA would require Xpresspost USA, and that would cost more than the pen is worth.

If you choose to pick up the pen yourself, and pay Canadian cash, then take $10 off the listed price.

For multiple pen purchases, I will combine shipping.  I can fit 2 pens into one envelope for $10 Canadian, and 3 pens into one envelope for $14 Canadian.


All pens will be shipped with the pen wrapped in acid free paper, placed inside a PVC tube, wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed inside a padded envelope.


All of the pens which needed servicing have been serviced by me.  Any replacement parts will be noted in the description of the pen, and the original parts will be included with your purchase.  The pens are fully disassembled; the nibs and feeds knocked out, cleaned, nibs are polished with Silvo, and reassembled in the section; the barrels cleaned of ink, and debris; the caps thoroughly washed out of old ink, washed again with Naphtha, and dried; new ink sac, or diaphragms installed, and talced; and the completed pen gets polished with a Cape Cod Polishing cloth.

Note about polishing: I do not sand, micromesh, or wheel polish my pens.  I want to preserve the imprints as much as possible, and I feel removing the  decades of use removes the history of the pen.  Where the pen has deep scratches, or nicks, this will be noted in the description.  These pens have a light shine because of the Cape Cod polishing, but I will not describe them as looking new.  If you as the buyer prefer your pen to be polished, I will do so on your instructions before shipping the pen.

I consider all these pens to be "user grade" pens, and I have priced them as such.  In the few instances that a pen is unused, and un-inked, I will note this and present these pens as near-mint, using the Timezone scale devised for grading watches.

Return Privilege--

No one should have to keep something they don't want, so I offer a 3 day return privilege.  You have three days from the day you receive the pen to inspect it, and decided if you'd like to keep it.  If you've decided you don't want the pen you've purchased, please flush the ink out, and return it in the same PVC tube it arrived in.  Also, and I think this goes without saying, please make sure it is returned in the same condition you received it.  If you're unable to, or don't have the facilities to flush the pen completely, then please remove as much of the ink as possible, wiping the nib and feed dry, and return the pen as such.


To ask any questions, or inquire about buying a pen, please email me with the item number, (0001, 0002, etc.,) for the pen you're asking about at:

Well, this is the inaugural post for Paul's Pens!  I hope you've enjoyed it, and found it informative.  Have fun looking over the pen pictures, and if anything smiles at you, feel free to drop me an email, and we'll do some business.  I look forward to doing some great transactions that will be beneficial to both of us.  Thank you much!

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