Tuesday, 9 October 2012


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Here is a German made Montblanc 244.  The barrel, feed, piston cap, and piston are all original.  The nib is a replacement, marked WARRANTED 14 CAR 1st QUALITY.  The cap is also a replacement, from a Montblanc 334 1/2, which has brassing on the cap bands and clip.  The cork piston works correctly, and holds ink without leaking.  The celluloid cap and barrel are in very good condition, showing storage wear, but with no cracks, nicks, gouges, or distortion.  The nib originally had a very sever flat spot, which I reshaped into a stub.  The nib is a very smooth wet writer, with some flex.   This would make a great user grade pen, or a parts pen.

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