Tuesday, 9 October 2012

SHEAFFER Balance 5-30 Canadian Circa Early 1930's

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A Canadian made Sheaffer Balance 5-30 circa 1931/32--1934.  Pen colour is Marine Green Striated.  Clip, and cap band are silver plated, with no brassing on the clip, but a small amount on one part of the band.  Nib is a Sheaffers Canadian 5-30 14k gold nib, which lays down a very smooth, wet fine line.  The visulated section has ambered, but is still somewhat see through.  Barrel and cap show storage wear, but no deep scratches, cracks, bite marks, or gouges.  Imprint is deep, and clear.  The name A.I. Meredith is engraved on the barrel.  A new ink sac has been installed.  The pen measures 5 3/8 inches capped, and 6 1/8 inches posted.

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